Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cook Around the Globe - August 2012 Roundup


Welcome to the roundup of my exploration of Mexican food. As always, I have greatly enjoyed this month's cooking, I discovered several recipes that will make it on our menu again, and there are several more dishes that I didn't have the time to try (they are on my list for next time). It was very difficult for me to pick this month's favorites (that's why there are so many runner-ups). My favorite dish was Pork with Nopalitos. Runners-up were Carnitas, QuesadillasSquid Simmered with Tomatoes & Olives, and Chilaquiles con Huevos. (Most of the recipes are not online - yet. If you are interested in a particular recipe, please let me know and I will type it up.)

If you have a recipe from any of the above mentioned countries that you would like me to include here, just send me a picture, title, and url, as well as your name and the name of your blog.)

Snapper Escabeche-Stuffed Tacos
Arroz con Platanos (Rice with Plantains)
Carnitas & Ranchera Sauce
Chicken with Yucatan Vinegar Sauce
& Garlic Zucchini
Nopalitos en Ensalada (Cactus and Tomato Salad)
Quesadillas de Queso Oaxaqueño
(Fried Cheese Turnovers with Oaxaca Cheese)
Arroz Verde (Green Rice)
(Ground Beef with Apples,Olives, and Almonds)
Shrimp and Mango Cocktail
Tacos de Pollo (Chicken Tacos)
Enchiladas Vegetarianas (Vegetarian Enchiladas)
Chilaquiles con Huevos
(Fried Taco Bits with Scrambled Egg)
Squid Simmered with Tomatoes & Olives
Steak Ranchero
Enchiladas Rojas
(Tortillas with Red Sauce and Cheese-Filling)
Pork with Nopalitos

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