Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cook Around the Globe - July 2012 Roundup


Welcome to the roundup of my exploration of the cuisines of Australia and New Zealand. As always, I have greatly enjoyed this month's cuisines, I discovered several recipes that will make it on our menu again, and there are several more dishes that I didn't have the time to try (they are on my list for next time). My favorite dish were the Rum Fudge Balls. Runners-up were Smothered Steak and Spiced Pork-Spit. (Most of the recipes are not online - yet. If you are interested in a particular recipe, please let me know and I will type it up.)

If you have a recipe from any of the above mentioned countries that you would like me to include here, just send me a picture, title, and url, as well as your name and the name of your blog.)
Australian Potato Salad
Aussie Burger
Crunchy Fish Fillets
Pocket Steak Melbourne
Rum Fudge Balls
Spiced Pork-Spit

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