Friday, July 13, 2012

Double-Grilled Antipasto Sandwiches

When I found this recipe, I was a bit skeptical about the artichokes. My dislike of them is actually just based on the only time I ever had artichokes (many years ago, on a pizza) - and I didn't like them then. After eating these sandwiches I have to say: I still don't. However, I prepared another sandwich with the prosciutto wrapped cheese, lettuce and tomato, and it was great. I mean, what's not to like about melted cheese wrapped in prosciutto? HubbyGrouch, on the other hand, really liked the artichoke and bell pepper version of these sandwiches.

Compared to the original recipe, I made the following changes. I used Black Forest prosciutto instead of Italian-style prosciutto. I didn't want to start a grill, so I simply toasted the halved rolls (I used Cuban rolls instead of baguette) and pan-fried the cheese (I got two 3/4" thick slices of provolone from the deli counter).

(recipe adapted from: "Food & Wine")

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