Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meal Plan for February 11 - 17, 2012

This month I am exploring the cooking of Northern Europe for my Cook Around the Globe project, so my meal plan features some great Scandinavian recipes.

Saturday:     Salmon Soup from Norway

Sunday:       Hasselbackpotatis (Baked Potatoes from Sweden)
                    Savoy Cabbage with Apples and Thyme (from Denmark)

Monday:      Currywurst with French Fries

Tuesday:      Smoked Salmon Quiche from Norway
                     Cucumber Salad

Wednesday:  Red Wine Braised Short Ribs (from Bon Appetit)
                      Creamed Collard Greens (from Bon Appetit)

Thursday:      Janssons Temptation (Swedish Potato and Anchovy Bake)
                      Danish Red Cabbage Salad

Friday:           Black Beans and Rice with Chicken and Apple Salsa (from Bon Appetit)

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