Monday, January 23, 2012

China: Chicken-Stuffed Spinach (or Chinese Broccoli) Leaves (Bo Cai Ji Rong Juan)


450 g ground chicken
3 egg whites
2 1/4 tsp rice wine
3 1/4 tsp corn starch, dissolved in 3 1/4 tsp water
25 large leaves of Chinese Broccoli (or 50 large spinach leaves)
vegetable oil
200 ml chicken broth

Combine ground chicken with 4 1/2 tbsp water, salt, pepper, egg whites, rice wine, and 2 1/4 tsp dissolved starch. Stir until the mixture thickens and binds together. Bring salted water to a boil and blanche the leaves for 30 seconds. Remove and chill in ice cold water. Drain and spread out on work surface. Divide chicken mix among the leaves. Fold leaves so as to completely enclose the meat. Spray a bamboo steam basket with oil and place a batch of stuffed leaves in the basket. Steam the rolls for about 10-15 minutes. Bring chicken broth to a boil, add remaining 1 tsp of dissolved starch. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve the stuffed rolls with thickened chicken broth for dipping.

(adapted from "Die echte chinesische Küche" by Liu Zihua and Uli Franz)

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