Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cook Around the Globe - November 2011 Roundup

Welcome to the November 2011 roundup of "Cook Around the Globe". As always, I am very excited and curious to see the recipes of other participants (and I will try to look at and comment on all of them!). I just love Eastern European food and could easily have extended this event for another month. HubbyGrouch, on the other hand, was starting to look forward to the end of the month and a new region. I prepared a lot of Eastern European dishes, though neglecting desserts and cakes as we are not really into that. Or rather, HubbyGrouch isn't and I don't want to prepare a cake or dessert just for myself - unless it's something that can be frozen. This month, I cooked with vegetables that I usually loathe - mushrooms and beets. These, as well as cabbage - are very abundant in the countries I chose this month, and I did like the dishes I prepared. This event is all about discovering new cuisines, trying new ingredients or different combinations of familiar ingredients. I enjoy discovering dishes with "loathed/hated" vegetables - to find out that sometimes those veggies aren't so bad as I knew them in other dishes. I didn't cabbage because that's a "I don't want to eat that" for HubbyGrouch but maybe in the future I can work something out. I hope all of you enjoyed this event and will be back in January (announcement will follow). Also, if you liked the event, grab a button and spread the word. You can add the blog hop to your own blog if you like. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the link, and choose the appropriate code for your type of blog. I will conclude by saying a thousand times "thank you" to all participants and enjoy the recipes!

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  1. I so wanted to participate this month and just couldn't get around to it but I love this idea! I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with. It's so great that you experimented with ingredients you don't always love and got outside your comfort zone!

  2. Mmmm! That veal goulash looks pretty droolable! This looks like a super fun event :)


  3. All of the these looks fantastic! I'm headed to check them out. Sorry I didn't participate this month, but between vacation and Thanksgiving, life got in the way. :)

  4. Such fantastic round up!!! Thanks for hosting this great event! I LOVE it! :-)