Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Russian-Style Pickled Tomatoes

I was first introduced to this delicacy a few years back by a Russian friend of mine. He prepared a Russian dinner for his birthday with these tomatoes as appetizer. This recipe is not exactly the one he gave me (I unfortunately lost that one). I don't think that recipe had oil; and I am not so sure about the sugar. He also might have added some pepper. I will try different variations of these tomatoes and see which one I like best. However, the taste of these tomatoes is great. They are well infused with dill and garlic flavor. Traditionally, they are part of the Russian appetizer buffet (zakusky) and best accompanied by a shot of vodka. This recipe will also be linked up with this month's Cook Around the Globe event.

1 kg medium tomatoes (about 50 g each)
1 l water
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
80-100 ml 9% vinegar*
3 tbsp vegetable oil
6-8 sprigs dill
4-5 garlic cloves, peeled and halved
2-3 large glas jars with twist-on lids

*if using 5% vinegar, double the amount and reduce water accordingly

Sterilize jars by boiling them in water for 5-10 minutes. Remove from pot, drain, and let cool slightly. Rinse tomatoes and, using a sharp knife, cut a cross on the bottom of each tomato. Divide garlic, dill, and tomatoes among jars. Combine water, salt, sugar, and oil. Bring to a boil, add vinegar, and simmer for 3-5 minutes. Pour over tomatoes to cover. (Top jars with boiling water if more liquid is needed. The tomatoes should be covered. The jar should be filled with liquid up to 3 mm below the rim.) Screw lids onto jars, turn upside down (make sure they are not leaking!), place on a towel, cover with a second towel, and let cool for about 5-6 hours. Serve as an appetizer with a shot of vodka. (I usually let the tomatoes marinate for 2-4 days before opening the jars.)


  1. Interesting recipe! :) Never had pickled tomatoes in my life.

  2. I've never had them either. But I'm intending to make sauerkraut this weekend, so may have to try these too.

  3. I have made this recipe, but omitted vinegar; turned out great.

  4. LOVE PICKLED TOMATOES, if you haven't tried them most russian stores sell home picked tomatoes and pickles- much better than from a store. Lack of vinegar makes a huge difference.