Friday, June 10, 2011

Leftover Tortillas

Something I find really disgusting in this area, is the amount of roadkill in the streets. It's mostly squirrels but quite often skunks, possums, sometimes even a raccoon. They are usually in the street, of course, but once I almost stepped on a dead squirrel on the sidewalk. Incredible as it sounds, that one wasn't actually roadkill, it looked like it had died a natural death. I usually manage to avoid hitting a living animal when I see them, but sometimes they seem to be rather suicidal. In four years, my contribution to the roadkill numbers comes up to two animals. One squirrel which, after sitting on the marker line in the middle of the road, decided at the last moment to cross the lane I was driving on. The second was a chipmunk who one second too late decided to cross the street before I was passing it. Does this talk about roadkill make your mouth water? Certainly not mine. This is just an aspect of New England life that I wanted to send out into the ether. Maybe this was inspired by the fact that the meat part of our leftover tortillas looked like mashed roadkill. (The taste was perfectly fine. In fact, HubbyGrouch liked it better today than in the original dish yesterday.)

I sliced the leftover meat from yesterday and mixed it with the remaining sauce and some extra tomato salsa. I had tortillas in the fridge and an avocado (which I sliced also). I didn't have sour cream, so I mixed equal parts of plain yogurt and ricotta, and seasoned it with lemon juice and salt. I heated the meat in the microwave. To assemble the tortillas, I spread a little yogurt mix, topped it with meat and then avocado. Then you roll it up and eat it.

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