Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Stop Before Summer: Pizza!

It's getting hotter and more humid every day. Oh, those New England Summers. Our house is situated in close proximity to wet lands. This means that as soon as the snow melts, the mosquitos are coming out. I would love to have my meals outside on the deck but here is the dilemma. Well, ok, around breakfast time the mosquitos are not out, so that is the only possibility for eating outside. Otherwise I would have to use a repellant spray (which I hate to do), or use some kind of candles or torches (which is not really an option with a three-year old running wild, or just live with the bites. I guess I could get a huge mosquito net installed around the deck but again, with a toddler running in and out of an enclosed area, the mosquitos would probably get in there anyway. Enough of the complaints. Today was probably the last chance this summer to have pizza, and so we did.

Pizza with Ham, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, and Orange Bell Pepper (left)
 and Pizza with Salami, Olives, and Mozzarella (right)
 The recipe for the Salami Pizza can be found here. I use whichever kind of olives I have in my fridge (black, green, stuffed, plain....). To see the recipe for the Ham Gorgonzola Pizza, click here. Today, I added 2-3 slices fresh Mozzarella as well, instead of just topping the pizza with gorgonzola.

Pizza with Salami and Olives
Pizza with Ham, Bell Pepper and Gorgonzola


  1. Perfect looking pizza! Haven't tried making pizza from scratch but it is in my "to make" list. Wish I can try it soon!

  2. I'm sorry about the mosquitoes. It's amazing how such a small animal can be such a huge bother!

    Both pizzas look absolutely delicious. I do hope you get at least one more chance to make them again though.

  3. These pizzas look delicious and I really the unique flavor choices. Sorry about the mosquitoes, we have biting flies here-I do not know which is worse. Pesky critters.