Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Local Take-outs and Dining

HubbyGrouch is still more or less immobilized with his chip-fractured ankle. So, until things normalize a bit, I decided to change my meal plan strategy. For now, I prepare double portions every other day and save meal preparation time. Only one day we actually did take-out food. There are not that many possibilities near by anyway. We settled on a local pizza place, which has been there for only about 3 months. It's called "La Trattoria" here in Belchertown. We were very positively surprised. The pizza was crusty and had just the right amount (for our taste) of tomato sauce and cheese. We will definitely go there again!
That got me thinking about which area restaurants I have been to so far. Not a lot I must say. Another place I like here is Chubby Checkers. I like to there for a Bacon Cheeseburger or Turkey Club Sandwich. They are really good.
A great breakfast place here is the Roadhouse Café. We've been there a few times and enjoyed the nice food.

Places we've been to and liked in Amherst include:
Judie's Restaurant
Monkey Bar / Bistro 63
Chez Albert
Mango Mango
Lone Wolf

Places we've been to and liked in Northampton:
The Sierra Grille
Mama Iguana's
Pizzeria Paradiso
Café Lhasa
Paradise City Tavern
Amanouz Cafe

Not a very impressive list for 4 years in this area (I don't think it's complete so I might have to add to it from time to time). Even before the kids we didn't go out much for eating. I just prefer home cooked food and I love to preparing it. On the other hand, I do like to try out new foods and have restaurant experience from time to time.

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